Secrets: Volume 4 - Jeanie Cesarini, Emma Holly, Desiree Lindsey, Betsy Morgan, Susan Paul I really enjoy these Secret books. They introduce to me to some new authors and keep my comfortable with my old standbys. This books contained these stories.
An Act of Love by Jeanie Cesarini. I enjoyed this one which was about an old "retired" movie star coming together with a rising star and helping her overcome a horrid sexual past. It started out a bit weird but turned into a sexy, sensual story worth reading.
The next story was Enslaved by Desiree Lindsay. It was a bit too historical for me with the flowery language and all but still worth a read. It's all about hidden desires and had a few too many ill-placed morals for me but the reasons do become clear later in the story.
The Bodyguard by Betsy Morgan and Susan Paul which was about a female and male body guard and their starlet client who's "drug of choice was men". As she heated up her bedroom while they had to watch on cameras to make sure she was safe, they tried to avoid heating up each other. It had a good theme but went way too fast and was way too short. The ending was very abrupt and had me looking for the rest of the story.
Emma Holly's The Love Slave was the star of the book for me. (of course!) It was about a princess and her three love slaves. It had her usual open-minded approach to sex, wit, charm and really left me with a good feeling.