Slave To Love - Nikita Black Whew! If you have always been a bit curious about the whole BDSM scene but didn't really get the Master/Slave relationship (I know I certainly sneered at it unless I were to be the mistress, of course, lol) this might be a good book for you to read.
The story is about a very cold, untouchable, hot male detective (enters the master) that goes undercover with another female detective that secretly lusts after him (enters the slave) to catch a serial killer that is brutally murdering couples that are into BDSM.
I enjoyed this story from many aspects. The chemistry between our master and slave was scorching! The author did a great job of describing her take on the dynamics that go on between a master and a slave and how it's not always who one would expect that is in control of the other.
The descriptions of the costumes or leather gear were great! I could totally picture the guy in his lace up leather jeans that were a bit too tight to the leather straps leading to the ring in the middle of his stomach (like the front cover). Yum!!
Anyway...before I digress too much into lustland I just want to say that I came away with a better picture of BDSM
( don't worry as I probably won't be hitting the leather store anytime soon )and that lifestyle. The sex was super hot although the mystery could have been a bit more mysterious. There was a twist at the end that was a bit confusing but it does let you draw your own conclusions.