Heir to the Shadows - Anne Bishop Wow!! My face is still a bit damp from tears and my heart is still pounding. This is the second book in this trilogy. I read but didn't review the first although it was almost as good. I'm a lover of fantasy, humor, sex and mystery and this trilogy contains all of that. This second book was light on the sex but when you read something this amazing, it really doesn't matter to me.
This is the fantasy story of a girl and how she becomes queen of almost all she sees. In the first book we find out some about her lineage and then about the horrible people that pose as her family. She is "witch" and has power beyond any that has been seen before but she must grow up as human and take the abuse and use that goes along with it.
This second book is her story of her rise to power, her search for her true lover and her love and acceptance for the "kindred" of the Blood (her lineage).
This is a wonderful trilogy for almost anyone. It is so well written that you are in the middle of the story before you know it. Even the long descriptions of things are enticing and I'm a fast reader aka a skimmer. I find myself not skimming in these books.
Now I can't wait to jump into the Queen of Darkness. If I could rate this trilogy higher than a 5, I would do so.