Erotic Interludes - Cheyenne McCray This is a three story book from McCray centered about BDSM as if you couldn't tell from the picture. (Got a lot of interesting looks at the gym while reading this one, let me yell ya!)
Anyway, I loved the first story which centers around the hot, hunky boss who sells his company to the mousy assistant who has wanted him for the years she worked for him.
The second story (connected by light characters in the first story) delves us deeper into the BDSM world. Being a "take charge" person myself (orange for those that took that personality test) I had a tough time with some of the submissive stuff. I can see where that might be ok for those that can decide to give up control to that other person but I have never been sure I could do that so reading about it makes me squirm (in a good or bad way? who is to say).
The third story takes us even deeper into the control issue with giving it up to a complete stranger. The sex, like all of the stories, was hot but I thought this one ended a bit abruptly.
All in all though, hot sex and some interesting lessons learned about BDSM!