Friends on a Rotten Day: The Astrology of Friendships - Hazel Dixon-Cooper Have you ever had a friend do something odd or act in a way where you are saying to yourself "WTF"? Well I have and that is why I picked up this book. First of all I turned to the Gemini section (mine) and read up on myself. What I love about the "Rotten" books (Yes, I also have Born on a Rotten Day and Love on a Rotten Day) is that they give you the negative side of your sign as well as a small bit of the positive side. I like to see my downfalls so that I can be aware of them and hopefully change or catch them before they happen.
I found myself shaking my head at how my friends must view me at times but also feeling good that now I knew what to watch for in myself. Then I turned to my friends' signs and my sister's sign and it really helped me to see why they acted they way they did at times.
These are all fun books to read. Hazel is the Cosmo astrology girl so if you like reading about astrology with some humor pick one or all of these books up. :)