Caine's Reckoning - Sarah McCarty Well let me start off by saying I totally understand why this book is all over the map when it comes to reviews.
My emotions did a rollercoaster ride throughout the whole book. I want to add here that I was glad I chose the ride but can't say I enjoyed the whole thing. :D
We have the classic "abused by men in the Wild West" heroine that is rescued by the "alpha tough cowboy" of the Wild West.
In this case the abused heroine has been severely used by some high dollar citizens. The hero rushes in with his high libido and dominating personality. This was where I got a bit mad. I felt he should have been a bit more sensitive to what she had been through from before. I was turned way off by a few of the earlier scenes. She became a Barbiedoll to me.
I did keep on reading despite my instincts to quit at this point. I was glad I did. The sex scenes were very sensual and hot!!!
I won't go on besides this point to ruin it for everyone else but this book will be a test for some.