The Ultimate Kink - Cameron Dane After much thought, I gave this Erotic suspense with BDSM scenes a 5 because I can see me reading it again. On a different day it might slide back to a 4.5 due to our heroine's issues but today it's 5 stars. I really enjoyed all of the sex scenes (very hot!) but the first one was the clincher for me. Whoo!!! *fans herself quickly*

Canin and Kasey are parters in a security agency along with Canin's brother Ronin and Adam (see Finding Home for their story *2 thumbs up*). They take on a case where it calls for them to go undercover as a married couple in a sex club to find a rapist(s) that targets couples.
Canin moves in with Kasey and realizes that there is a wounded person under all of her tough exterior and she triggers something in him, besides his libido, that makes him want to dig to find out.
As the story progresses, the scenes at the club as well as the ones that happen in her home, get Kasey to open up about her horrible past.

I really did enjoy these two characters together and though the ending wasn't too shocking when it came to the bad guys, there were other parts of it that were very heartwarming and emotional.
The sexual chemistry between the two is dynamite. Canin is a big alpha male and Kasey is a big alpha female that refuses to take any grief from any one. They clash and sizzle through out the book but Canin shines as the hero with his patience with Kasey and her kinks.
I also enjoyed the presence of Ronin and Adam in it since I just loved them in Finding Home.