What Men Don't Talk About - Maggie Hamilton This audio book was an inside look into....well... What Men Don't Talk About! and why they don't talk about it.
It was written and read by an Australian so to just listen to it was quite enjoyable for me but I did learn a thing or two along the way. The author conducted many interviews with a lot of different types of men. Some of the stories they told went from sad to downright horrifying. I did find myself shaking my head several times thinking how something I heard made a lot of sense in regards to the men in my life.
Being a woman that gets really frustrated with men and almost everyone else that isn't good at communicating, I really appreciated this book. Many of the ideas in it related to most people we come into contact with that can't always "share" themselves.
I could see me listening to this again in a few years when some of the ideas lose their shine.