April Fool's Day - Bryce Courtenay Wow! I know my eyes are still red from crying as I finished this book this morning before heading to work. Obviously that was not a good choice but what do you do? This is a book so full of courage and love that my words won't do it justice.
Bryce Courtenay writes his son's story of growing up as a haemophiliac who acquires AIDS from a blood transfusion during the time when AIDS was just hitting the news in the states. Damon grew up in Australia so no one really new what it was all about until it was too late and it was already in the blood banks.
Damon's attitude thoughout his 24 years of living with thousands of blood transfusions and an endless amount of sickness of one form or another is amazing! When he is in his late teens he meets Celeste, another teenager and the love that grows between them is one you just don't hear about. She becomes his world and he becomes hers.
This book took me through many emotions, including sadness, but it was also an inspiration in so many ways. I highly recommend it.
Bryce is one of my favorite authors and even though this was a true story (non-fiction is just not my favorite)he always weaves a tale that sweeps you up and draws you inside.