The Last Vampire - Whitley Strieber I read a lot of vampire paranormal romance and though I really enjoyed this book, you should not confuse it with paranormal romance. Even though there is a bit of romance and it's definately paranormal it's more horror, IMHO. I love horror though so it worked for me.
This is the second book in the trilogy and it was rating a 5 star for me until the end which I thought was pretty lame. It does set things up for another book but that was about it.
In The Hunger we have Miriam and Sarah's story of Sarah's seduction and turning by Miriam. This book continues wit that but we end up with more of Miriam's story and learn about her past. I loved this part! I thought Strieber did a great job with the historical descriptions and it was fascinating to read about how far back Miriam and her mother actually went. She is an old broad! lol Anyway, along with trying to find another Keeper (like herself) to breed with, Miriam is also being hunted by Paul Ward who is an old CIA (not that old really) agent who's life mission it is to stamp out all vampires. For some reason though they have a very strong physical reaction to each other the couple of times they cross paths, unlike any either has known before.
There are some silly parts that didn't really fit like Leo who was a girl that Miriam turns in this story and most of time I just wanted to slap her. We also get more into the master/slave dynamics with Miriam and Sarah and are given some pretty hot sex scenes. I'll definately be reading #3.