Devil's Pact - Samantha Cruise OMG!! It's over! Finally! I really hate to feel this way about this book. It was a great story with super intense, raunchy menage sex and some interesting characters but it should have been half the length. It went on so long with mind-numbing (and I'm sure a few other parts) sex over and over that I found myself skipping parts!!! Yikes! I never do that! Skip the juicy parts??
I'm not really sure what I think about the heroine either. I'm not a "weak" heroine fan anyway and she showed Devon, continuously, how much she loved him by doing anything sexually that he could dream up whether it was going to feel good or not. According to her reactions though, I guess it ALL felt amazing. Right!
It was a definite fantasy from the "Cannon" to the dynamics of the relationships. It would have been a four if I hadn't fallen asleep reading it last night. :p